The story of our former intern Mikaela

In Summer 2020 I graduated within International Sales and Marketing  from Marknadshögskolan in Stockholm. The education included two internship periods  and I did them both at Desenio. After I completed my studies I got an exciting offer to stay within the company, and today I am working as a Marketing Assistant within the Brand & Communication team.

The reason for I applied for an internship at Desenio was that I really wanted to gain insight into an e-commerce business. Apart from that I also have an interest in interior design. So it seemed like a perfect match! 

During my first internship I worked with PR, and helped out with planning and execution of an influencer-event for a studio launch (Studio Wonderland). The second internship gave me the opportunity to work with social media, newsletters and PR. I was able to impact on what tasks I could do and what I wanted to learn and had also a really good mentor who cared about my development. We had close contact, and she contributed to me having so much fun along the road. 

According to me, Desenio has been such a nice place during my internships. Both regarding the working tasks, but also because of the company culture and colleagues. You can tell that people really are working to achieve the same goals. It is cool to see that everyone is working together to reach the next level. The most inspiring has been to see how all projects go from idea to implementation. It is, among other things, Desenio's company culture that has contributed to me wanting to continue working here, but also the amazing team I work with.

My best tips for you who will do an internship

  • Start looking for internships well in advance and don’t take the first best company. Do your research! 
  • Set clear goals and targets for yourself, to make sure you are learning as much as possible.
  • Remember that this is an amazing opportunity to build connections and potentially get a chance to stay permanently.

  • Have a close dialogue with your mentor and involve him/her in your development.

  • Last thing, ask questions and make sure you always have things to do!

Are you interested in doing an internship at Desenio? 

We are delighted to occasionally offer students a place to evolve, learn and thrive as well as exchanging knowledge.

Send an open application through our career page and by choosing Internship as a job category. We will come back to you as soon as we can, if we are able to offer you an internship.